Entry Guidelines

The entry is everything
The judges can only make their decision based on what you supplied them – you can’t win if you don’t get the point across in the entry.

Less is more
The word limit is there as the judges are likely to have a lot of applications to read. Try and tell the story in clear and simple English – You want the judges get to the heart of your story quickly.

Cover all bases
Make sure you address each of the criteria relevant to the award you are applying for and make sure, where necessary, you supply evidence to support any facts claimed.

Back up your story
Winning awards tend to have a mix of quantitative and qualitative results (sourced), backed up with one or two really compelling observations – try to attribute all claims made.

Care with categories
Make sure you enter the right category. Address each of the criteria listed for the category applied for. Applications for more than 1 award are welcomed – just be sure to customise the application for the award you applied for.

Biggest is not always best
Awards are often seen as favouring the biggest. We are looking for best as opposed to big – applications from big, therefore for us to judge all applications equally the word count to enter any of our categories is 750 words.