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Category #4 : Best Initiative to Promote Inclusivity in Sport & Physical Activity

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Open to any organisation either within the sport industry, or is using sport as a vehicle, which promotes the diversity and inclusion agenda to improve business performance and/or increased engagement and participation. This award can be entered by agencies, brands, broadcasters, events, governing bodies, local sports partnership leagues, rights holders, teams, venues and more, for internal or external-facing work.


  • Prioritise diversity and inclusion through their own programmes or as part of external projects.
  • Understanding that new ideas, creativity, innovation and success come by including different perspectives and experiences.
  • Demonstrate how diversity and inclusion has played a key role in a number of ways such as, but not limited to, events, governance or campaigns.
  • Delivery of content that targets and engages with the designated target audience. – Impact on the organisation’s workforce, impact on the organisation’s consumers and/or the sport it serves, or sport as a whole via campaign/movement-led work.