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Category #4 : Best Initiative to Promote Inclusivity in Sport & Physical Activity

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Open to any organisation either within the sport industry, or is using sport as a vehicle, which promotes the diversity and inclusion agenda to improve business performance and/or increased engagement and participation. This award can be entered by agencies, brands, broadcasters, events, governing bodies, local sports partnership leagues, rights holders, teams, venues and more, for internal or external-facing work.


  • Prioritise diversity and inclusion through their own programmes or as part of external projects.
  • Understanding that new ideas, creativity, innovation and success come by including different perspectives and experiences.
  • Demonstrate how diversity and inclusion has played a key role in a number of ways such as, but not limited to, events, governance or campaigns.
  • Delivery of content that targets and engages with the designated target audience. – Impact on the organisation’s workforce, impact on the organisation’s consumers and/or the sport it serves, or sport as a whole via campaign/movement-led work.

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Electric Ireland’s vision is to be the leading energy supplier in Ireland delivering smart and innovative solutions to Irish homes and businesses. Electric Ireland’s sponsorship strategy supports this vision by using sponsorship properties across the areas of sport and charity to build a compelling and differentiated brand in the intensely competitive Irish energy market.

Electric Ireland has been sponsoring the GAA Minor Championships since 2012. This sponsorship provides the ideal platform for us to engage with a diverse demographic in terms of age and socio-economic status. The overarching goals of our decade long partnership are to grow the profile of the competitions and to strengthen Electric Ireland’s brand equity to drive advocacy and consideration.

2022 saw a new calendar being introduced by the GAA for both Minors and Seniors. There was a slight change to the focus of the Minor Championships, with the GAA placing more of an emphasis on the developmental aspect of the competitions. This was the first year when Minor matches, including All-Ireland finals, were decoupled from the Seniors. The Minor finals took place in regional stadiums instead of Croke Park. From the brand point of view, that meant Electric Ireland would not have the same presence on All-Ireland Final day as the brand would have enjoyed in previous years. This was an additional challenge in the cluttered GAA sponsorship space (>22 sponsors).

We had already built a significant equity in our award winning ‘This Is Major’ platform which has allowed us to compete with the senior GAA sponsors and competitors. In 2022, to build on the success of our ‘This Is Major’ platform, we launched our new Minor Moments campaign.

The defining moments of the Minors aren’t necessarily the ones you might expect. Of course, everyone remembers the big matches, but it’s the minor moments that matter most to players – like the moment they found out they had made the panel, wearing their new kit for the first time, or finally being called off the bench. These memories mean a lot, which is why our 2022 This Is Major campaign was all about championing those seemingly minor moments in our Minor’s lives.

To maintain a strong brand presence throughout the Championships, we employed a wide range of activation tools including strategic use of branded TV, PR, Cinema, Radio, Outdoor, Digital, Podcast, Print and Social. Our activation has provided increased access to games, enhancing the fan and player experience, supporting them with marketing communications activity and generating conversation. We produced a suite of branded digital assets for use across owned, earned and paid channels successfully driving association back to the brand.

This innovative campaign significantly increased Electric Ireland’s Share of Voice. Our 2022/23 results show that we have successfully helped to elevate the championships as well as build brand consideration among customers.

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