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The awards ceremony will be held on Thursday 25th May
in The Westin Hotel’s historic Banking Hall.
Winners list will be posted here on the night.

About the Federation of Irish Sport

Established in 2002, the Federation of Irish Sport is the representative organisation for the National Governing Bodies of Sport (NGBs) and Local Sports Partnerships (LSPs) in Ireland. The Federation’s membership consists of over 110 NGBs and LSPs from every corner of the country, including the GAA, FAI, IRFU, Swim Ireland and Athletics Ireland. Currently, the Federation’s membership comprises 81 NGBs and 29 LSPs, representing over 12,000 sports clubs nationwide.

The role of the Federation is to speak on behalf of its members and represent their views to the public, while also providing them with a range of services. As governing bodies, the members’ priorities lie with their sport. Therefore, the job of the Federation is to communicate their views regarding the benefits of sport in areas such as personal health/wellbeing, the economy and society as a whole.

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